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Going abroad? This plan allows you to switch off your health insurance policy and save on premium
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While traveling abroad not all health insurance covers the hospitalization cost incurred overseas. The medical expenses in foreign countries get covered only if the health insurance policy explicitly mentions them in the policy document. There is overseas medical insurance as well. However, regular health insurance policies will not cover medical expenses abroad.

So, if you are traveling abroad and expect the stay to be over 30 days, you might as well want to ‘switch off your health insurance policy and save on premiums too. With ManipalCigna Health Insurance’s new plan, this is possible now. The insurer has introduced a ‘Switch On – Switch Off’ benefit in a new plan.

The power to ‘Switch Off’ benefit comes with Advantage and Protect variants of ManipalCigna ProHealth Prime plan that allows policyholders to switch off their health insurance from 2nd year onwards, for up to 30 days while traveling abroad and get a discount on renewal premium.

Prasun Sikdar, Managing Director and CEO, ManipalCigna Health Insurance Company says, “With medical costs increasing, customers are demanding more value out of their health insurance plans. By putting innovation at the core and keeping our principles in mind, we have now introduced the revolutionary Switch Off benefit option under our ManipalCigna ProHealth Prime plan, in order to help people save the premium amount for a maximum period of one month at a stretch in a policy year. The Switch Off benefit is great for people who travel abroad very often, as it could save them money on the premium by opting for this revolutionary benefit.”

If a policyholder holding medical insurance that does not cover overseas hospital expenses wants to travel abroad for a longer duration, he or she can simply switch off their cover and save money on the next premium.

The Switch Off facility will be available if all the insureds are traveling outside the country in case of the Floater policy or any one or more members traveling outside India in case of the Multi-individual policy. The premium discount shall be calculated on a prorated basis and will be adjusted in the renewal premium falling on the immediate policy anniversary.

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